Summer nearly ended, but I want to share with you my favourite four places in Berlin and Istanbul, which I visited this summer. At all the princesses: don’t miss Princess Cheesecake in Berlin!

When I’m in Berlin, especially for Berlin Fashion Week, I love spending time and having a deilicious cheesecake at the Princess Cheesecake in Berlin-Mitte. The  cafe, that is in Tucholskystraße, offers guests the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the sweet treats out in a typical atmosphere of a lovely free side street in Berlin-Mitte observing people passing by and getting tickled by the ray of sunlight.

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When my mother was finished with my prom dress, yards of fabric remained. The beautiful violett silk fabric was too beautiful to lurk in any corner, so she made a long skirt out of it.

The weather and aesthetics of Istanbul is the perfect place to wear a skirt like this. Not to mention an unofficial dresscode. No woman likes wearing short pair of trousers or mini-skirts as long as everyone is watching very intrusive.

When I walked with my sister through different districts of Istanbul, she tried to catch the perfect picture of me in the skirt my mother made for me. It was hot, we were tired, so moderate pictures were captured at different places. But I want you to accompany me and my sister on the walk through the city on the third day of my vacation.

This is my one of my favourite streets of Istanbul. This street starts in Cihangir and leads you to Taksim meydani, called Taksim square, where Istikklal-Street starts.

There is no escape out of reality. A lot of tourists are walking and enjoying Istanbul, but surely lots of people have to work and make their effort. But even the shoeshine man has to dress up to catch attention and earn money.

At Taksimsquare we took the Metro to go to the district Besiktas to have breakfast in Ask Cafe, which I will introduce you tomorrow.

When we finished our breakfast, we walked along the ocean to see those beautiful so-called „yalis“, which are mostly made out of wooden and inspired by the architecture of ottoman empire and the airiness of summer. All Yalis are build at immediate waterside. It seems that these houses on the pictures were actually at the seaside but divorced by the street.

We ended at Lucca in Bebek to have some fresh home-made limonade juice, which I really can recommend.The interieur design of Lucca is also really great and makes you feel very comfortable. Bebek is chique but cool.

The next district we visited is Ortaköy. The slogan of Ortaköy is „sokakta hayat var“ which means „life is on the street“. Here you can have the wonderful Boncuk-braceltts for your friends.Unfortunately the beautiful mosque of Ortaköy will be refurbished at the moment.

The last place I want to share with you is the Dolmabahce palace. I visited it once in January 2011, so we decided to admire it from the outside.Walking around Dolmabahce makes you feel you are in the ottoman empire and the much better years after Atatürk changed politics in 1924. Walking from Besiktas to the Dolmabahce is better than taking a taxi, because in Istanbul nearly every hour means rush hour. And dont miss the police officer. He might be the coolest you have ever seen. Most confident and knowing how to show, what he thinks of himself.

To see more pictures of Dolmabahce, have a look at my other blog:

Among countless children is this girl with long braided hair somewhere in the Istikklal-road one of those who have to work at a young age. She has been put in a leopard suit, to stand out, to earn more money.

I wonder if the pink-dressed girl licking a lollipop will ever know what it means to serve backround music as a musican for people promenading to shop on Istikklal. I hope, she will: to appreciate, what she already has.

Whatever is going to become of this wonderful smiling girl, she will never forget, what it means to sit at the other side.

I hope that both girls will be happy adults, but I hope even more they will learn it by switching the roles.

Summer has ended in Berlin and Istanbul for me. But I want to share with you four beautiful places that I really enjoyed this summer.

Garden Eden

5.Kat, which means 5th floor, is in the district of Cihangir and you won’t find a place like this twice. The interieur design of the terrace is made with love for detail. The light filigree wooden furniture refined with plants and not to mention the wonderful view on the Bosporus makes this place to a Garden of Eden.

5.Kat offers Italian, French and Asian cuisine, but at the terrace you should enjoy the view in the morning or in the evening by having a brunch or a cocktail.

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860.000 people came to visit the Documenta (13) in Kassel. On the 100th day I made it to go to Kassel and asked just a tiny proportion of visitors about their clothing, their person and of course art.

Get to know artstudent Ida from Sweden, who seems to live out her creativity also in her clothing.

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Ein amerikanischer Geschäftsmann schreitet nach vorne, um vor einem hergerichteten Publikum vorzutragen. Während er durch den Gang läuft, winkt er den Gästen zu wie ein Präsident, der dem Volk eine Rede halten wird. Der Künstler der Moderne stellt sich und sein Werke lieber gerne selbst dar, bevor ein anderer ihn mit seiner Kritik nieder macht. Ein Tag nach der Pressekonferenz Jeff Koons mit einem Vortrag für ein ausgewähltes Publikum noch immer präsent. Mit 5,4 Mio für einen Koons, ist diese „Kunst“ gewiss exklusiv, doch beweisen über 100.000 Besucher der Doppelausstellung, die am letzten Wochenende ihre Finissage in Frankfurt feierte, dass Kunst massentauglich sein kann. Mit schlechtem Mode-Geschmack, und daraus folgend ohne jegliche Ansprüche auf Substanz.

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860.000 people came to visit the Documenta (13) in Kassel. On the 100th day I made it to go to Kassel and asked just a tiny proportion of visitors about their clothing, their person and of course art.

Shabnam was just sitting on the steps of Art Gallery Fridericianum, when I spotted wellformed smiling pink lips and covered oriental black eyes bathing in the sun after catching Afghan Art and a reflected art-scene.

„It is great that there is Afghan art at all and artists were invited by documenta given the opportunity to show videos about war and life in Afhganistan before and now.“ Thats why Shabnam came from Berlin. And also to find out more about the themes of todays world. „People are used to get a picture (about Afghanistan) through media, which is wrong. Information about the truth is given mostly offside.“

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