I met the very amazing and talented Theophilus London in Berlin. And it was the craziest.

The conversation with Ramone was kind of a afterparty. „Coolness is like a DNA. If your parents are cool, you’re cool, too.“ Thank you, guys!


Have you ever gone out in Berlin? 
Yes, I did go out in Berlin.
Did you like it?
I liked it a lot. I like the club scene, I like the woman, I love the style of music playing in the club, I like the lights, the food here, I love all the women here.
Isnt going out sometimes superficial for you?
No, it’s fine. I like to go out and have a good time.
So it’s never superficial?
When there’s people around me, get to me, but that’s fine.
By saying it’s fine, you think that it’s part of your lifestyle as a star.
I guess so.
So that’s the price you pay for.
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Under the pseudonymous „Facehunter“ Yvan Rodic jets off and takes pictures as a streetstylephotographer of people around the world. Born in Switzerland, Yvan studied Communication and worked for diverse agencies. But he quit his job. Today he earns enough money. For his own blog he thinks that a individual person is more interesting without a story, because a picture is more radical than a word. Fot the column „the observer“, which publicated 2010 the last pictures of Istanbul, readers could find out about the connection between culture and fashion. The glance of men is a reason to spare sexy clothing. For the next year Yvan plans the book „A year in the Life of Facehunter“. In Frankfurt we spoke about styles of different countries, individuals on blogs and his experiences.

How and when did you started to photograph? 

I was taking pictures when I was a kid, I mean like everyone I would just play, go to the street and take pictures of stupid things and think it was art. But then I didnt have for long time any digital camera, when I stopped it. Finally christmas 2005 I got my first digital camera. It was a gift for christmas, a small compact one. I just started to play around. I was living in Paris, and going to a lot Openings. So I started to take pictures of strangers, just portraits mostly and than I had all this portraits on my laptop and I thought maybe I can do something out of it and share it. Back than I was living in Paris, and Paris is a Cannes of attractive city, people around the world are curious about the city, so I thought why not sharing, what I see? Someone might be interested, but I had no clue actually. It was not a business idea, or a project, or a treatment with new media. it was really naive and genuine, because back than there was no success for bloggers. There were a few people around the world people blogging, but no one was interested in what they were doing, they weren´t earning money, they were not getting any advantages, they were not getting invited to any shows, and not working with any brands.

So it was almost impossible back in 2006 to imagine to do blogging as a serious job. You just share something and eventually some people going to see it. It was really far from whats happening now at the blogging world.

Thats true. But back than how did you feel the Parisian Style? 

Parisian Style is very, very, very simple I would say. I dont think its so inspiring for me. I think people around the world have phantasy about the french style, but I think its more a heritage, that is going to float. Its a little bit like Italy. If you look at older people you will see well dressed people. The younger kind of switch into a mainstream americanized style. Girls wear UGGS, and Abercrombie and Fitch. Its very, very amercanized, in general its very simple and I miss a little bit a sense of seduction and creativity. Its a little bit too simple for me. Its stil Paris.

People all around the world move there to work in fashion or for the city, sure you get a lot of amazingly welldressed foreigners, who live there. But I remember taking pictures there, a lot of swedish girls living there. And actually a girl from sweden would comment on my blog „Oh my god, parisians have such a great style“, but actually its a swedish girl living there for 2 month.

When you look of all the blogs, and you see pictures from paris fashion week, its not paris, its the fashion week world, its a difference. Anna Della Russo is like a fashionclown, its not about style, shes getting the outfits of the show, she is going to. She is going to Dolce Gabbana, Dolce Gabbana gives her like a 10,000 euro dress to go to the show. And they will take pictures of her and say she just has a great style, but she just wears what the brand gives her and thats so far from style. But the thing is a lot of magazines now post they buy pictures from fashion week from me or other to publish and say „french style“ but on the picture are russian, english, american editors. Maybe one french. This even increased the misunderstanding, people around the world see fashionweek pictures, think that its paris version street but if you go on the street, you dont see that.

After three years in paris thats why I had the feeling I wanted to move on in general, I was accused to try another city ano London after several visits set to me more happening, less charming but has more substance and creativity.

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For an interview I met Interieur Designer Douman. Read it here.



Die Hauptrolle der Ausstellung „The little black Jacke“ ist der schwarzen klassischen Jacke von Chanel gewidmet. Aber muss aus diesem Grund den Nebendarstellern die Persönlichkeit entrissen werden?

Nahezu einhundert prominente Persönlichkeiten wurden vom Modezar Karl Lagerfeld abgelichtet. Mag die Ausstellung als Raumlichkeit einem Museum mit Kunstobjekten ähneln und ganz demokratisch für jeden zugänglich sein, so fragte sich der Junge, der von seinen zwei Freunden in die dunkle Unterführung am Potsdamer Platz geschleppt wurde dennoch nicht zu Unrecht auf türkisch „Lan, ben burda ne yapim?“ (Junge, was soll ich hier?).

Eiskalt und ungerührt liefen sie an eines der Götter am Hiphop Olympus vorbei und fanden auch nach wenigen Sekunden den Weg zurück. Nicht einmal das poppige Bild des Theophilus London im Lichtenstein-Comic konnte die Jugendlichen im modischen Gangsterstil beeindrucken.

Woran das wohl lag? Sicherlich haben sie nicht gerechnet, dass West und London auch anwesend sein könnten. Denn schließlich galt Hiphop lange als out. Erst Rapper und Sänger wie Kanye West, OFWGKTA, Theophilus London, die noch nie in Baggy Pants gesichtet wurden und eher dem intellektuellen Dandy gleichen als dem dreckigen, wütenden Weisen von der Straße, der wie ein wahnsinniger Obdachloser die Welt kritisiert, von der er mit Chains und 100$ Burger ein Teil ist, machten den Hiphop salonfähig. Weil sie sich westlicher kleiden, westlicher ausdrücken und einen westlicheren Lebensstil haben und sich auch die letzten Mode-Mitläufer mit dem teuren Lebensstil identifizieren können.

Aber ist das wirklich Kanye West? DER Kanye West? Der Junge mit den dope beats und den kritischen Gedanken, der dem Hipop ein neues Image verpasst hat, obwohl er noch immer um den Respekt jedes einzelnen kids von der Straße kämpft, obwohl er mit Liedern wie „all falls down“ die Intellektuellen bereits auf seine Seite holen sollte? Auf den schwarz-weißen Bildern im Profil ist er erstaunlich profillos abgebildet. Mit Kruzifix-Kette und in Lederhose scheint der „Jesus walks“-Interpret weniger göttlich als gewöhnlich. Da verhilft die Chanel-Jacke höchstens dazu, als trendiger Modetypus anerkannt zu werden. Nicht einmal als Innovator.

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I met Nina at the district Hauptbahnhof in Frankfurt. In her semester vacation she just came to the banking metropolis to complete an Farmatur – internship at the hospital, which every student of human medicine in Germany has to do.

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Waiting for the U-Bahn at Alexanderplatz in Berlin, we catched the girl with those dark innocent eyes to find out, that she comes from Moscow. Anna just became 19 years ago a few days before and that’s why she came to Berlin: to celebrate her special day.

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