After Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner as examples for manufactured, yet dominant beauty ideals, Kim Kardashian will be anaylized in terms of a criticism on established beauty ideals in media.

Beautymogul, Social Media Star and Reality TV Protagonist Kim Kardashian has been the most important beauty icon in the past ten years. She embodies nearly every aspect of what is considered as beautiful by women all over the world. Eleven reasons, why.

1. Selfconfidence: Kim Kardashian is known as a woman being equipped with a good portion of self-esteem, which is likely of many desired. To be represented as a woman, media figur and even business woman, the brains of the gang (The Kardashians) knows how to impress and present herself wearing and not wearing certain clothes.

2. A „brilliant brunette“ (as one of the John Frieda hair series is called): Brunettes never had been this much of relevance since there is „Kim Kardashian“. Through Kim Kardashian, a change was driven. As a brunette myself, I can truely say, that Kim Kardashian did point the way for Brunettes. She once has fought wittingly or unwittingly against the over-representation of „blonde hair“ through media, movies and industries such as fashion and mostly beauty. The way of other brunette personalities in media has been smoothed. And as John Frieda claims, brunette is brilliant.

3. Body Positivity: It is no secret, that Kim Kardashian, who might have undergo one or two extra surgeries to get more of features considered as “beautiful” or “attractive” (commonly attributed to afro-american women), set new (beauty) standards. They might be not realistic, but they are relatable for nearly every women. And literally she can’t be peg as any size or body image (standard.) She has the big butt, some can relate to, the chest, even an uncommon skin color. In addition, her appearance combines and represents nearly facial and body features that had been discriminated for years. The Paper Magazine Story and the following discrimination of “steatopygia” had been one.

4. The pretty, stupid girl: Just as Paris Hilton has done, Kim plays a role of the so called pretty stupid, no, pretty, but stupid, aka „beauty without brains“, which is much liked to be seen. In a society, where prejudices are established, they are welcomed confirmed by a Kardashian. Media loved to see the stupid Blonde. It might be an advantage a brunette being represented for once as well, but likewise her stigmatilizing role has only managed to replace the „blonde, stupid“ as known from movies. Her part has seldom something interesting to tell as well.

5. All American girl: Kim Kardashian is a girl, who is born and has been raised in Los Angeles. From her materialistic approach to life, over her accent, sugarcoating and charming communication skills to her pretentious behaviour: Kim Kardashian takes over what is known as American to the outside world of the United States, and stands for all things that are considered as “American stupid”. She might play with this cliché, which is in circulation, that of Californian (American) people, but her role seems to satisfy the average consumer of her TV Show „Keeping Up with the Kardashians“, or even Anti-American Americans and people from all over the world. Her presence, and mostly her high outreach confirms presumptions and an image most people already have of the average person of the United States.

6. „Multicultural“, „Multiethnic“, „Mixed-raced“. In Germany we would also say she has a „Migrationbackround“ as Kim Kardashian‘s having among others Armenian roots. And so Kim K as an American (brand) without an immigrant background would be like a cheeseburger without cheese. Kim Kardashian would no way have this intense amount of succes and representation if not hundreds and thousand female follower would not be familiar with her looks. Kim Kardashian being Armenian makes women from Morocco over Somalia to Iran, Lebanon and Kuwait able to identify with her looks. Her look meets related looks of a whole world region of femininity, who seemingly just waited to get represented through media.

7. From rags to riches. Not quite, but almost. A so called videotape is not the most invested work in a career as one of the most known person in this world. She might be the daughter of an advocate, but – she came with less, gained and will stay or leave with – at least – something, and 17 season’s of a reality show called “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” at her back as a source.

8. “Please stop making stupid people famous”, is one of the most quoted sentences, when it comes to Kim Kardashians status in media, or let’s say when asked a bored audience of internet and media. But still getting featured by mainstream media and probably thousands of covers of worldwide tabloids, just show, that we still live in a society, where news are produced that don’t have any counterpart role of what really occurs in society.

9. Kim Kardashian has been an par example for aestheticians. Countless women hurry on social media having nearly the same eyebrows, similar rhinoplasty and lip injections. Plastic surgery still is a hot topic when it comes to beauty and looks. The one or other surgery might have been an inspiration to several different doctors from all over the world drumping up business and learning experience. Since plastic surgery is very common and hardly a taboo, woman might see the Kardashians as a guideline to their vision of results.

10. An ever changing face. Kim Kardashian improved her looks and face from time to time so much, that she almost looks like another person. And so she knows how to satisfy an ideal of beauty that does not even exist. She embodies the sort of woman, who is blinded by an illusion of beauty that requires improvement all the time. And this sort of woman, who might snooze inside all of us and already is blinded and effected by media tries to reach a sort of “being-beautiful” that does not exist, but nourishes the feeling and insecurity of not looking good enough. And as a woman she embodies the insecure woman that is still among us.

11. BFF: Kim Kardashian embodies the BFF (Best Friend Forever) every woman might wish for herself. She not only is popular, cool and pretty, just like the dominant girls from highschool, she is available as the best friend forever for everybody, who follows her. Her make up tricks are shared, outfit inspiration and so on. She manages to be the perfect best friend forever for everybody on social media. A great strategy to tie the relationship between social media star and follower/fan. At the same time the image of the “best friend forever”, especially desired and lived among women, is used by the head of the Kardashians, which empowers their role in the beauty industry and dominant, yet tone setting beauty ideal of today’s society.

This article shall not engage a personal attack.

Schönheitsoperationen sind in einer Zeit von Instagram, in der Stars den Followern so nah sind wie ihre Katze, gefragter denn je. Junge Frauen in ihren besten Jahren lassen sich trotz glatter, unporöser Haut ohne jegliche Anzeichen von “Alter”, also Gelebtem und Erlebtem, Säure ins Gesicht spritzen. Grund dafür ist zum Einen der Social Media Star, zum Anderen auch die inflationäre Verwendung der Hyaluronsäure. Jeder Kosmetikerin ohne jeglicher Ausbildung ist es erlaubt, zu spritzen. Die Kosmetikdienste, die zuvor nur von Ärzten, oder Heilpraktikerinnen ausgeführt werden durften, sind heute günstiger denn je. Während in den Anfangsphasen des neuen Schönheitstrends die Ergebnisse so ungewöhnlich und teuer waren, dass sie an Lächerlichkeit grenzten, sind heute die Preise und leider auch Resultate lächerlich schön geworden. Continue reading ›