We live in a performance society. The motto says: be better, compete, win. The fact that young women always want to improve their appearance is not involuntary or even unnatural.

A little in the cheek, then chin filler, please, a little more into the cheeks, afterwards the lips, first in the lower, then again in the upper.

The fact that women keep trying to get better, better and the best version when it comes to their looks is because men manage to perform in a professional world, whereas women are still defined by looks. Instead of using their potential, it is women who invest in their looks. There is no further development because women are still underrepresented in large parts of society as well as professional fields.

Most women are attracted to the area of ​​fashion, cosmetics and other business and services in the world of beauty. At the same time, however, women still work primary as parturients, which binds women to their own appearance. Thus appearance becomes her capital. Appearance is performed by women, less their abilities. That gnaws at her potential.

The desire to always look better is related to the fact that we live in a performance society, and that means for women that she has to perform by (self)-care and appearance, which has to be proven. Men work, women do body work.

Women always want to improve their looks rather than their skills. More hyaluronic acid, further evidence that women still have limited lives.

(First article in English, asking for understanding 🙂 and criticism!)

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