I met the very amazing and talented Theophilus London in Berlin. And it was the craziest.

The conversation with Ramone was kind of a afterparty. „Coolness is like a DNA. If your parents are cool, you’re cool, too.“ Thank you, guys!


Have you ever gone out in Berlin? 
Yes, I did go out in Berlin.
Did you like it?
I liked it a lot. I like the club scene, I like the woman, I love the style of music playing in the club, I like the lights, the food here, I love all the women here.
Isnt going out sometimes superficial for you?
No, it’s fine. I like to go out and have a good time.
So it’s never superficial?
When there’s people around me, get to me, but that’s fine.
By saying it’s fine, you think that it’s part of your lifestyle as a star.
I guess so.
So that’s the price you pay for.
What else do you have to pay?
A lot of things are free in this life.
What kind of things are free?
Clothes, parties, drinks, …
Yeah. Love is free, so of course. So women are free, men are free.
That’s true. So you don’t see it like you have to pay something?
What do you mean pay something? Like you mean I have to work?
Yes, the bad sites.
It’s fine, I like to work.
So you seem to be very happy with your life.
Yeah, I’m happy with everything.
To speak about your music. What do you think about categorizing your music as „Hipster-music“?
When people do hear something that they are not used to, they put it in a category, cause they are not used to it, because it’s a new mission. You can call it whatever you want.

You said that you are today kind of a label, people consume everything of you, your whole personality and not just your music. Can you explain that?

I think it’s because of the time, we are in. It’s more than music today.
And what times are we in?
The internet-times. So no privacy? You want everything of the people. And do you think we are lonelier than before?
Yeah, that’s hard. The funny thing is…Why do I talk and not you? You should talk.
But the funny thing is that facebook seems to connect but at the end we are all alone in front of the computer and watching the life of the other’s.
You want to say something?
I want to say to the people Shut up everybody. I love you. Ich liebe dich!
that’s great. Okay what could I ask you?
Ask me what kind of girls I like.
What kind of girls do you like?
I like girls with dark hair. I like girl that wear black pants. I like girls that wear brown boots, And I like girls that wear black shirts.
Okay, good to know.

So when Kanye West didn’t show up at a show of Lanvin, you got on the front row and you were like „the cool black kid“. Do you think sometimes they use people to show themselves tolerant?

Yeah, I think they do that to show that they are tolerant.
How does that feel?
It feels good. It’s a good feeling.
When they use you to show that they are tolerant?
It’s like this: if people don’t use you, you are useless. So if no one wants to use you, than you are useless.
That’s true.
I allow them to use me.
Your born in Trinidad. Do you feel influences?
No, I don’t.
But did your parents raised you up different than outside?
Yes, they did.
Can you describe that?
They changed my life. Laughing
Are you just confident right now?
NO, Im just cool. I think you are pretty.
Thank you. You have to think of something new. I heard that before. Laughing
I want to tell you that again and again.
You don’t talk. I am the one who is talking.
I wish I was your girlfriend.
You wish you were my girlfriend. Why?
Cause you are pretty. I would want to learn about you. I want to get inside your head.
No, I don’t think you want that.
Why? Cause you don’t want that. Do you like German men or black men?
I am open for everything. I love every culture.
Have you ever kissed a black man?

Back to the question. In your lyrics you don’t use that word „bitch“ that much. So you appreciate the girl, so you show the girl different in Hiphop.

I appreciate women.
How does that come, that in Hiphop men say bitch…
some girls are bitches. Bitches are cool. I like bitches. Bitches have sassiness, bitches have taste, they have swag.
Do you mean real bitches or cool bitches?
Cool bitches. What is a bitch to you?
Now they use the word different than before.
If I say you are a sexy bitch. Is that bad?
Yes.Why do musicians have to say „I wear Gucci and Prada“?
People want to know about that.
Is it to impress women?
No, it’s to impress men. Any men likes men.
Karl Lagerfeld shot you for the exhibition „The little black jacket“ How was working with Karl Lagerfeld?
He is a good guy, I love him. I wan to make babies with him. I do. He’s a cutie.
I don’t give a shit about hiphop. I don’t give a shit about bitches in Hiphop. I don’t care what men call women. I care about real shit. I have a dirty mind. like fashion, i like music, that’s what I am temporary progressive about.


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