Being a supermodel must be a full-time job. Supermodels, in the public eye, have to look after measurements, dietary, their skin and body care. It requires lots of body work. The outcome shall be money, prestige and admiration. Well, at least this is the story, the world of fashion and beauty tries to show, tell and sell to us. But is this picture really an ideal, women should look up to?

It’s not only the world of fashion and beauty, which tries to tell us how to look, live and marry. The car industry, film-, gaming- and food industry as well tries to sell us a an image of a woman, which is a very old-fashioned potrayal of a woman in media, founded in the 90s. Quite comprehensible, that not only industries, but female as well as male countercultures have a conventional picture of women. Reasons and time to opt out and find your own face of womanhood.

  • Love your body the way it is: Supermodels have to be skinny to let the clothes they’re in shine. At the same time the skinny look is the outcome of a Western World, that values the so called performance culture. We as a society are rarely independent, when it comes to norms and expectations in groups. The Body Positivity Movement has shown that women no longer want to accept only one ideal and picture of what is considered as a beautiful, and at least acceptable body image. Big bodies, plump, curvy, unusual, body types finally find their way into media and representation. Skinny can be beautiful, but it does not have to be the only desirable healthy or beautiful look. A big butt, chest and hips are equal to everything that is considered as a supermodel body. Even if it might sound cliché these days: but every body is beautiful.
  • Eat, whatever you want! Restrictions are awful, and life already can be hard sometimes. As long as you don’t have to work as a model, you should not forego food and healthy as well as balanced food.
  • You don’t have to live a conventional life, unless you like it. Most supermodels live a very normal life as a woman. They marry, have children. And even those rockstar-models, who love partying, dating rebels and bad bodys, seem to develop a natural sense for becoming a mother and wife. But this type of life model hasn’t to be yours.

  • Invest your time in your brain and soul, not only looks: Life means time. Time means chosing. And chosing means valueing. A great looking body might be pleasing for everyone’s eye, but it never fullfills. The American picture of beauty controlls every other consideration of beauty. In France a woman, which is well-read, is more considered as attractive. In the Middle East,a good hearted, and elegant woman is considered as desirable. Germany loves women, who are independent and free. Invest in your life choices, intellect and character by reading, studying and reflecting.

  • Chose your occupation advisedly. You will work your whole life with the path and work you have chosen. Working on your body and looks will feel you unchallenged, which will make you feel unhappy, dissatisfied and not brave enough for life. It feels good to look good, groomed, made up, being fit, but it is not enough for the challenges, every woman has to face and win.

  • Look for another woman(hood): Frida Kahlo for example wore mens clothes, never plucked her eyebrows and has been one of the greatest artists of all time. Angela Merkel not only has a doctor title and the power to break out of some men, she is one of the greatest politicians of our time (if you ask me), Özlem Türeci is a co-discoverer of a vaccine against Covid-19 and Oprah Winfrey might be the wisest talkmaster our time has seen. And these women are just a few of those we should be bombed with. Look up to women, who not only value their looks and appearance, but depth of life, purpose and will to make the best out of everything.

  • Forego the model lifestyle. The life of a model can be as boring as the life of every other women not working and living as a model. Doing sports, selfcare, and paying attention to nutrition can be a fun hobby. As well as dealing with fashion, beauty and a fancy lifestyle around coffeehouses, restaurants, and shopping. Things that women might accomplish, can fullfill but make one feel greatly bored by as well. A great lifestyle with a high life quality might be worthwile, but life requires work, enthusiasm, and at the same time much more than only luxury, partying and comfort.

  • Don’t remain silent like a doll, be selfconfident, know to speak out your opinion and be an interesting woman. It makes fun to be yourself, and life can be lived much better with a great conversation, honest relationships and experiences such as experiencing yourself.

Most models complain about not being able to be themselves, starving and not having followed their passion. We can learn from their positive attitude towards life, their make up and skincare tricks and mostly their overcoming of issues, they are brave enough to speak about. But we need to understand that modeling is not the only possible way to shine as a woman and live a fullfilled and happy life.

Screenshot: “7 Supermodel Makeup Hacks With Cindy Mello | Patrick Ta”, via captured on January 23, 2021 14:54